Tips for Women and Girls Interested in

Tips for Women and Girls Interested in

I got into technology by accident. Naturally suffering from curious minds as I do, it was just a few rabbit holes. Later I found that my world was opened up by a diverse global network of coders, mappers, geeks and dreamers.

These are the people who hack the challenges of the development of people battling infectious disease outbreaks, people returning to life together in the wake of disasters, and real people advocating to fight against the system of mass loss, violence and privilege. Trying to do. Harassment – Conditions that are particularly acute after civil conflict.

For women and girls interested in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, and Mathematics) fields, I say start the journey. It can be wild, but you should still take a ride.

1. Be Real

I regularly, sometimes brilliantly, fail in interpersonal communication. Humility When I have declined to treat others, I want the errors not to be erased. However, this back provides a way to build credibility that may have been lost.

Work at raw level. It is as weak as it is courageous. Many are true. You will face off with your own unfettered privilege and challenge your beliefs. Do this

Everyone has a passion that moves them. We all, to be fair, have a place that makes us feel small. He owns it all and places for the authenticity of others. Identify how you can be a better collaborator and when you are in need of a lawyer.

2. Hustle hardened

You will meet people better than you, faster than you and more ambitious than you. learn from them. They worked hard to get where they are. Respect their movement.

These are not always the people you like, or who particularly like you. Identify the teachers and the lessons they carry. I say this because my own ego has cursed me many times. Sometimes you really should take many of those seats, boo boo.

One of the most challenging things I have learned is that my work can stand on its own. I have spent far too many years for my perceived shortcomings. There is always going to be a different or better way. That’s fine too. Be ready to iterate, learn what you don’t know and keep building.

3. Take a break and take a grace

We all have our own ego. I am trying to get better at identifying when I have a valid point and when I am just talking to listen.

Grace begins with you. I am my own hard-working and hard-core critic. Sometimes you have to slow down – yes sweetie, you really need that break. In truth, this is the lesson I am currently learning through water. All have a point at which their masks descend.

My face is now quite bare. Sometimes it happens. you belong here. So don’t I wait till I turn 36 to ease this worry.

Peace is hard, and in many ways the cruel nature of a driven investigation and desire for cruelty requires unhealthy habits. So be prepared to consider them yourself and what a more gentle pace looks like. Tenderness is not weak, after all. Take care of your body and your mind – they are the only set you have.

4. Take a ride

There is no job that I have taken that did not have certain aspects of work that I was unsure of or did not have prior contact with. You sell yourself in details. Focus on what you can do and how you have acquired that ultimate skill.

I have gotten more jobs when honestly telling people how I learned something new to address gaps than listing the credentials I currently hold. Every time I take a new position, I know what is in it for me and how to create value for my team.

One of the most important requirements was that I had to design several failed programs to bring the insights of my stakeholders into the mainstream. Sure, you’re fantastic, but you don’t know how to build for everyone. Ask for help and go down the rabbit hole.

You are empowered to say yes and no

Women and girls in Steam fields run against the same complexities and nuances present in our dynamic social world. Consent is not a fixed contract but a fluid continuation. It is okay to say that it is also true that you do not need to know how to do all the things before you respond to a new opportunity with a yes.

Because I have an unrealistic and highly inflexible perception towards my work. It can and does affect my relationships with my colleagues.

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