Makes a Capable Linux Game Console Platform

Makes a Capable Linux Game Console Platform

It is a distro targeting game players who want good desktop performance. It ships with Steam installed by default, along with WINE and PlayOnLinux. The Druger OS also comes with a modified, low-latency, Liquorix Linux kernel.

Liquorix is ​​the distro kernel replacement to optimize multimedia and gaming applications. It is based on the ZEN kernel to balance accountability at the cost of throughput and power usage.

This distro does not have a traditional panel with a lower edge of the display in a customized Xfce desktop environment. Instead, by default its desktop bar appears horizontally at the top of the screen.

According to the developer, the position of the bar mimics the appearance and functionality of a gaming console. I found the design to be mostly unholy, but.

It becomes an eyeglass when using the menu function. Once most games are loaded, there is little need to have a panel pop up on the gaming window, which has its own menus and control devices.

Some relief is available by changing the panel settings to reconnect the bar with the screen on the left edge of the screen. A better solution is giving the user the ability to place the desk bar below or above the screen.

Appealing to game players wanting a Linux-based platform, this distro is not for all users. It is not exclusively a computing platform for everyday use.

Drugger OS does not come with some basic non-gaming applications, such as audio and video editing software or an office suite. Of course, you can add what’s missing.

Waiting the concepts
Developer Thomas Castleman inaugurated his special distro in early 2018. He released Droger OS 7.4.1, code-named “Jiangshi” in mid-August. He uses an unconventional release naming scheme.

Drager OS 7.4.1 is based on a recent long-term support version of Xubuntu 18.x. Although booting, the splash screen displays Ubuntu 7.4.1.

This release is the first version of Dragier OS with multilingual support. Apart from the English language, it is now supported by both Chinese (simplified) and Hindi.

Chalk up to a delivery strategy. China and India have the largest population within their borders. By supporting Hindi, Chinese and English, a vast majority of potential users will already be able to use Dragier OS out of the box.

Castleman created Drager OS for several reasons. The main objective was to fill the void due to many mainstream options for gaming distribution, either abandoned, difficult to use, lack of a large-enough or vocal-sufficient community of supporters, or a combination of these failures.

To prevent those issues from disrupting Dredger OS, the developer set several goals for its distro. One such goal was to recruit others who were willing to help in its development.

Other goals included making the distro comfortable to use with reliable functionality. Growing a vibrant community will help keep Drugger OS prosper. Will therefore make it easier for users to obtain support.

Gaming by design
Druger OS is the first and the Linux operating system. Its primary purpose is to provide a convenient place to play the game which is designed to run elsewhere.

The framework for doing this is quite successful. The distro comes with preinstalled and configured applications to receive and play game-console-style software. In short, this distro packages many devices that provide a platform for playing games within the Linux OS.

PlayOnLinux lets you run some popular Windows games on Linux. Steam lets you play current popular games like Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallcourt 4, Des Ex: Mankind Divided and Metro Last Night. Also preinstalled is WINE, which allows you to run a number of Windows programs – within Drugger OS – including games.

The Drauger Installer app is preinstalled to make it easier to add .deb files to the system. The .deb package is the bundle format for Debian / Ubuntu-based operating systems. It provides an easy way to install dozens of games designed to run within the Debian Linux distro.

Drauger OS has support for most Xbox and Xbox 360 controllers as well as some Playstation controllers.

Look and feel
Drager OS resembles typical Xfce desktop integration or Xubuntu / Ubuntu-based distribution. It is easy to install and use, especially for Linux newcomers.

For any user, the most bizarre aspect of using the Dragier OS comes from the design of the nontraditional panel bar, which is the desktop bar in this distro.

Prima facie it seems to be a wildcard. Unintentionally clicking the mouse to the left or creating stray scratches on the touchscreen pops the bar at the top of the computer screen. Getting rid of it can be frustrating at first.

Deliberate left clicking on the desktop launches the desk bar. So press the Windows key on the keyboard.

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